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Oil spill now 60,000 barrels a day? A drop in the ocean !

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PostPosted: 16/06/10, 08:41    Post subject: Oil spill now 60,000 barrels a day? A drop in the ocean ! Reply with quote

Experts have today increased their estimates of the amount of oil escaping from the bodged deep-sea well in the Gulf of Mexico to 60,000 barrels per day. That sounds like an unimaginably vast amount of oil until you discover that the USA actually uses over 20,000,000 barrels every single day. Suddenly the gushing goo seems quite small in comparison - less than a 1/300th of the USA's daily burn in fact. Obviously, instead of it being all refined and clean and in nice fuel tanks, where you don't even see the stuff, the spilled oil is lying on beaches and the feathers of seabirds in a senseless thick mass. Talking of which, perhaps now the majority of the citizens of the USA will appreciate that their disgracefully proflagate guzzling of the Earth's resources has to be cut back big time - and soon.

Are they somehow special ? Are they somehow immune from the environmental damage they are causing? Of course not - witness climate change and the increased ferocity of Tornados they have recently experienced in New Orleans etc. But somehow, they still seem to imagine that they are immune and special. So, as usual, there will be a great deal of presidential posturing for the TV cameras, the spill will get fixed and cleaned up and they will forget the whole thing as they drive 75 miles to air-conditioned work in their huge 15MPG bloatmobile.

Or, will there perhaps be a nagging doubt at the back of their minds next time they fill their 100 gallon gas tanks at 49p/litre ? A twinge of embarassment when they go to buy their next huge car or energy-hungry house ? Only time will tell, but sadly, time itself is a dwindling resource in the race to reverse global warming.

Oh, and the next time President Obama is whining on about how blameful BP is, let's examine for a second at who actually caused the problem. Fair enough, BP own the drilling rights and are ultimately responsible in law for anything that goes wrong, but who actually drilled the well for BP ? Funnily enough, when you look further into it, it was a massive American drilling company called TransOcean, managed and crewed by American 'experts'. And the vital 'blow out preventer', the massive foolproof emergency shut-off valve on the seabed that prevents oil spills - guess who made that little beauty ? And guess how many had failed previously under similar circumstances ?

Get it straight Obama - this is an American disaster caused by Americans working for an American company called Transglobal.


NB. For comparison purposes, the UK consumes approx 1.7 million barrels a day. (Expressed as consumption per capita in 2007, USA:68 barrels/1000 people/day, UK: 29 barrels/1000 people/day)
it's never too late
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PostPosted: 16/06/10, 15:21    Post subject: Oil Spill Reply with quote

It goes further on the question of BOP's (Blow Out Preventers) They are not manadatory under US law, but they are mandatory in Europe offshore drilling. BP insisted on one as a further safety precaution. The Supplier for the sub-sea equipment was Halliburtons, with Dick Cheney I believe still in the management team. Have not hear much from these guys recently?

Two other points. Oil dependency goes further than "profligate use" I have worked in the area, and around Houston. In the Summer it is like working in a furnace. High density living and working (indoors) is almost impossible without cheap energy for cooling. Only solutiuon is de-population or alternative energy sources.

Second point is the cultural difference between UK and USA, where despite BP stating up front on day 1 they WERE responsible and would do all that was humanly possible to deal with the crisis we constantly hear a stream of uninformed politicians stating "BP will be held responsible"

May be this will be a wake up cry, and some US Politicians will reflect on why they awarded licenses to drill in the most hostile and dangerous parts of the ocean, 60 miles off their coastline, in a mile of water and 2 miles of rock under that to the oil. Also remember that BP's Thunderhorse Rig only a few miles away is supplying 3% of America's oil needs successfully.

I wish people could separate blame from responsibility, and let the US Coastguard and BP Response Centre (3000 people working 24X7) get on with the job. Evil or Very Mad
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